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Ole Möystad


AD Faculty, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


His research interest, first established in his doctorate, concerns the city conceived and construed as an intelligent, dynamic (eco-)system. His doctoral research was largely carried out under the tuition of professor Per Aage Brandt at the Centre for General Semiotics (now Cognitive Semiotics) at Aarhus University in Denmark. During the years in Aarhus Brandt introduced Möystad to the theories of René Thom whose ‘spatio-temporal phenomenology’ provided valuable tropes and models with which it became possible to describe and to analyze architecture’s interplay between dynamics and statics, between metaphysics and physics, between man and his Umwelt.

Möystad defended his doctoral thesis, Architecture – the Body of Cognition, at the Oslo School of Architecture 1994. He then spent three intense post war years at the American University of Beirut, investigating the pathology of the urban environment caused by the strain of too rapid, or catastrophic, change.

During later years he has pursued these topics, and investigated them with a keen eye on the interplay between thoughts and things in a search for the triggers of urban change and development. In 2017, as the result of 25 years of professional practice and theoretical reflection, he published his first scientific monography, Cognition and the Built Environment:


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