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Maria Filomena Molder


Universidade Nova de Lisboa



Maria Filomena Molder is Full Professor of Aesthetics at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. PhD in 1992 on Goethe’s Morphological Thought.

She edited Paisagens dos Confins. Fernando Gil, Edições Vendaval 2009,  Morphology. Question on Method and Language, Peter Lang, 2013 and also Rue Descartes nº68, “Philosopher au Portugal Aujourd’hui”, 2010.  


She has published several books about the relationship between arts, poetry and philosophy. Some among them have won the Pen-Club Prize for Essay (Semear na Neve. Estudos sobre Walter Benjamin, 2000; O Químico e o Alquimista. Benjamin Leitor de Baudelaire, 2012; Dia Alegre, Dia Pensante, Dias Fatais, 2018) and the AICA Prize (Rebuçados Venezianos, 2017).


She has also written for art Catalogues mainly in the contemporary Portuguese context and about Philosophy, Art and Literature in international Revues, as Análise, Internationale Zeitschrift für Philosophie, Sub-Rosa, La Part de l’Oeil, Rue Descartes, Gratuita, Europe, Cadernos Nietzsche, Lettre International, Electra or Diaphanes.


She lives in Lisbon.


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