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TABLE RONDE 5 : Patrice Ceccarini​ (EVCAU École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Val de Seine ENSA) Ole Möystad (Architecture et Cognition | AD Faculty, Norwegian University of Science and Technology)


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Jun 13, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM GMT+2

Séminaire ONLINE

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Patrice Ceccarini​ 

Ole Möystad


This paper will address the question of “… how semiotics of space can challenge, criticize or propose

new approaches?” The paper bases its approach to this question on two premises.

First premise is that we adopt the current position in cognitive science that human cognition is a

direct, two-way interaction between brain and environment (Gibson, Moser, Chemero, Epstein).

Second premise is that we don’t build cities anymore, we change them piece by piece (Chr.

Alexander, Møystad).

René Thom modelled the forms that change took on in nature, while pointing out that to model and

hence predict it’s outcome the topological form of a certain change is not to explain it.

Given that we, humans, as well as our built environment, are part of nature, we are also agents of

the morphodynamics of our own Umwelt. At first sight it may look as if Thom, by precluding

explanation from the model, is implying an efficient causation without semiotic causation, or a blind

agency (Kant, Hoffmeyer).

When we imagine, project and describe changes in our built environment, do we not also imply an

explanation for our acts of producing form? In other words; when we (Thom, Brandt, Marcos) imply

a path from real space (RS) to behavior space (BS) (model), do we not also imply a path from BS to

RS? A path opening a door to an epistemological level in RS, ascribing agency not only to RS, but also

to BS. Is it possible to construe Thom’s catastrophes in BS not only as descriptions, but also as tools for

actually producing urban form – in real space?

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